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Rob Herring
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27-09-2012 06:13 PM Rob Herring
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"Question What's Inside"

Conflict Of Interest

Taken From;

My Story
For years I have felt pulled in two directions. My love for music, film and acting has taken me down one road, while my ever-increasing interest in alternative health and wellness has shone light onto completely different paths. A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, I am currently becoming certified to be a Holistic Health Counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Determined to combine my passions and use my talents to do good in the world, I recently teamed up with internationally recognized GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) expert Jeffrey Smith to release my debut humorous health song, an anti-GMO anthem called "Question What's Inside". I'm personally donating 50% of the proceeds to Jeffrey's non-profit, the Institute for Responsible Technology - an organization committed to raising awareness about the threats GMOs pose to our bodies, our farms and our environment as a whole. While I financially produced the first single on my own, with your help I can professionally record and compile an entire album of other tracks - covering a variety of relevant health and environmental issues in a humorous, entertaining way!

The Impact
Health awareness and education could not be more important than they are today. Disease numbers are reaching catastrophic proportions, while at the same time we have more access to the most powerful health tools and information than we've ever had in history! Sometimes the didactic nature of telling loved ones about health information can feel preachy and, in turn, dissuading. I wanted to create health and environmental messages that are informative and educational, while at the same time entertaining and comedic. Humorous music (and ultimately music videos) can spread virally on the internet and be original and contemporary enough that people of all ages, even young people, will actually pay attention. My music can therefore be a tool for those who want to share positive messages through the universal love of music and humor.

To further my purpose, once each track is finished, I plan to individually select appropriate organizations for every song, and donate a percentage of the proceeds from their sales to those respective non-profits for the rest of my life.

What I Need & Where It Goes
Studio time is quite expensive and it adds up quickly. Hiring additional musicians is also necessary for certain elements I would optimally prefer to be part of my songs. On my first single, I ended up cutting a few corners because I didn't have the funding I could ultimately wish for. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the final product, but a lot more money could have been put into mixing and mastering the track - two critical elements in making songs compare to professional standards. Nowadays in the music biz, you could pour a ton of money into making just one song be the best it could be. Conservatively, my plan is to invest around $1,000 per song and complete an album with a total of around 7-10 tracks. I will also use around $500 for production costs on the "Question What's Inside" music video. Besides donations, some funding may come from profits on iTunes sales off my first single, "Question What's Inside." If I do not reach my goal, I can still use the money raised to complete a shorter album (5-6 songs), and devote even greater focus to each individual track. If I exceed my goal, I can make the tracks sound even more professional and also put funds towards the production of upcoming music videos for those tunes.

Other Ways You Can Help
Download my debut track - "Question What's Inside" by Rob Herring - from iTunes and give it a positive rating! Be sure to "Like" the "Question What's Inside" Facebook Page. Tell all your friends about the song and encourage them to download as well. 50% of the proceeds from the "Question What's Inside" single will be donated to internationally recognized GMO expert Jeffrey Smith's Institute for Responsible Technology, helping raise awareness of GMOs.
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Thanks to all who have helped spread the word, too many to name but i must give acknowledgement to one in particular....
The AntiTerrorist, many thanks to you sir....
His posts and constant stream of information has been invaluable... please take time to visit his sites.
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